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INDIANAPOLIS -- New college students with disabilities are often insecure.Navigating a complicated bureaucracy for the first time with far less institutional support than they had in high school, these students often must overcome stigma and ignorance surrounding their disabilities and advocate for themselves, which they're often not used to doing. "I literally had a professor say, ' Well, I've never had a student of that kind before, so I don't know what to do,' " one college employee said here Tuesday at the American College Personnel Association's annual conference.Lastly, the ruby center of the egg yolk represents students who need modifications.These children need special instruction presented at their level of cognitive development.His student was struggling to write from the perspective of a disabled person because he didn’t know anyone with a disability.Could he write about a person coping with a broken leg instead?The alternative: risk not getting the tools they need to succeed academically. "But the student was standing right there ready to take their test.It felt so violating." At a session here exploring what students with physical and psychological disabilities have to say about their collegiate experiences, it was clear that professors have a lot of learning to do.

These tiny but powerful digital electronic devices tuck behind my ears and feed sound into my middle ear."I have faculty who are more dismissive of something like bipolar disorder than they would be of something like cerebral palsy," one attendee said.Because the affliction is psychological rather than physical, she said, "they don't see it as being as challenging." But the student affairs and services staff in the room blamed themselves, in part.The egg white represents any student who has a recognized or perceived special need or condition that could impact his/her life.This student, for whatever reason, does not receive, require or ask for special services and is seen as a successful learner.

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After giving my approval, I hung up the phone and smiled.

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