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It has made everything from phones to coffee machines in the past, and appears a pretty standard contract manufacturer."Our goal is not to 'police' our suppliers," explains Fairphone's marketing material.Instead of a beautiful Mexican oasis as the setting, picture a beach that people with parole stipulations can visit and a budget that allows for 20 strangers to bunk in a single room with 20 mattresses on the floor.I say this like I don’t follow every single one of these losers on Instagram and frequently reference them in my articles because I absolutely do."Instead, we want to gain a better understanding of the underlying social and environmental challenges and work together with our production partners and third-party organisations to address them throughout the course of our partnership."This entails creating a "Worker Welfare Fund" designed to let factory workers address their concerns.The rather small size of Fairphone as a company and its production runs means this is going to be a rather modest fund.This show is the cream of the MTV crop and there’s a spin-off in case you want to see some of your favorite degenerates return to a foreign country (Australia) and attempt to speak the language of the natives (English) for enough money to fund their lives until they need to take up stripping again (hi, @mtvmike).

The Fairphone 2 is manufactured by Hi-P International, at a mid-size factory in Singapore.The blank message with the subject line “test” was inadvertently sent to the directory holding all NHS email addresses.According to The Register, as many as 80 people had hit “reply all” by 11.30am on Monday morning.NHS IT staff have removed the distribution list linked to the inadvertent reply-all chain, with associated spam emails also being deleted.An update posted at 1pm GMT explained the maintenance work was ongoing.

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The Fairphone 2 is a phone for those who don't want to have to deal with the gnawing guilt that their phone is, in a small way, terrible for the planet and the human race as a whole.

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