Laila ali and queen latifah dating

She briefly mentioned it on the red carpet of BET's 25 Anniversary show last night.A close friend of the boxing champ tells Atlanta Gossip, (AG) that Laila has finally come to grips with her true sexuality and is happy with her new found freedom and is dating Grammy nominated actress, rapper, singer, Queen Latifah. however, ha ha ha, if this were true, i don't know why you'd be surprised.First of all, we must confess our love for Mariah's voice.Her latest album, the Emancipation of Mimi, is a the must-have album of the year.Laila Ali, the undefeated boxing daughter of Muhammad Ali, has released a statement to refute recent rumors that she is gay and dating Queen Latifah.“Despite being previously married for the last five years, reports in the news have stated that Laila got a divorce and began dating a high profile actress,” read the release from Sports Placement Services on behalf of the 27-year-old.Last week, Laila’s big sister, Maryum “May May” Ali, came to her younger sister’s aid. It just started coming out that she's dating Queen Latifah.

I hadn't heard about QL dating white girls, I assumed she pretty much went for African American (or hispanic) women. "Well Ellen and Melissa both have hot partners"Well Ellen and Melissa both have hot partners"Yeah, but their partners don't - and they're partners are both celebrities in their own right, so the rule still applies. The movie definitely had a "made for cable" sensibility, however her performance was damned good. At least before her career was catapulted into A-List status after Chicago, she had admitted in several interviews that she was "fruity" or attracted to women.

Laila Ali and her husband/manager's divorce is final.

The two have been separated since January and their divorce became final November 1st.

I've seem some of Missy E's gfs, and most of them would make even Portia look sad. Her "monologue" about her daughter moving to her support group was really impressive. She's defintiely known to be a muff-diver amongst the black entertainment world, for whatever it's worth. fuck that, let's just give you shit about your weight and sexuality with childish name-calling.

Wanda is rumored to surround herself with hot women too.r34-- I love you too! Latifah is one mean lezbo who won't take no for an answer. [quote]"Luckily , this gay thing hasn't messed up my appeal to the gentlemen, because I have never had any problem meeting men. I'm sorry but the vast majority of supposedly moralistic gay posters here are disdaining her and calling her names like, a "muff-diver" and "lezzie with a stretched hole" and then you expect her to come out for you? It's never give and take with DL morons is it, it's always take. If you actually grew up for five fucking minutes to be able to see past yourselves you'd see what a horrendous, carping, unwelcoming group of bitches you are.

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See what we're talking about: • Queen Latifah's talk show was picked up for a second season.

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