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Rape victims will no longer have to face cross-examination in court, the Justice Secretary said yesterday.Instead they will be able to record answers to defence lawyers’ questions in advance, under changes to go before MPs today.Live stream is actually being broadcast on other medias such as antennas and/or cables and/or satellites and/or ADSL and is exposed to a large audience. After many discussions with colleagues, and much searching online about the subject since I asked the question seven months ago, there are no definitive definitions for what streaming and live streaming is or is not.Examples are News, Series, Kids programs, Movies, etc. After you use it to tighten and tuck the best parts of your video, the app makes it easy to post it to Facebook, Twitter, or You Tube.Magisto offers camera stabilization, filter effects, scene transitions, and multiple-audio-track support.After testing several chroma key apps, Green Screen by Do Ink is the one I keep coming back to for flexibility and user friendliness.I had begun by looking for free apps, and quickly discovered that I could either pay up front for green screen capabilities, or download free apps that include “in-app purchases.” In-app purchases meant paying to unlock the chroma key tool or to get rid of an obtrusive watermark that rendered the free version essentially useless.

The changes for victims of serious sexual offences have been put in place following tests during child-sex trials in three courts. Playing, on my computer, a pre-recorded video that is kept on a server - is this streaming?However, there is a difference between live and streaming.The sexual communication with a child offence will mean those who try to influence children without going as far as assault still face up to two years’ jail.The move to shelter rape complainants from stressful and sometimes brutal courtroom questioning follows years of protests about the ordeals of victims.

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