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Turned it back off for that connection and the workbook no longer flashes. Display Alerts = True End Sub option back on for one of the connections and the flashing started again. Screen Updating = True THe error is Compile error, Method or data member not found Anyone has a clue what the problem is? Gurs has an interesting benchmark he has been running on various systems and Excel versions over the years.But the problem is that a large portion of the time in his benchmark is taken by screen updating, and so his benchmark results vary significantly depending what part of the worksheet is actually visible on the screen, and hence how many visible cells get refreshed at each calculation.

An and always in the code module of the worksheet, whenever the value of any cell on the worksheet is changed by user input or by other VBA code (but not if the change in value is a result of a formula calculation). The events and their procedure declarations are fixed.

Events and Event Procedures were introduced in Excel97. Events and event procedures are the same for versions 97 through 2007.

No significant changes have been made to the event model since its introduction in Excel97.

Certain vba macros / codes take a long time to run or execute the actions required. Sometimes, there could be one or more macros which cover multiple processes and this status bar will be useful to know at which process, the macro has reached.

If you have turned off screen updating using the line Application.

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