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The end of tonight’s East Enders episode certainly left us all hanging – as Whitney Carter’s ringtone echoed out from underneath the crashed bus, Mick was left fearing that she was dead.

But now fans think that there is another twist still to play out – and reckon that her husband Lee had her phone.

Everyone over at Emmerdale and Coronation Street must have been laughing: ‘call that a big budget accident?! ’After two days of ambulances, firemen, and the Vic full of extras covered in dust and tomato ketchup only the bus driver copped it (from an East Enders’ ‘art attack’).

Ultimately it was Red Herring Week as Tuesday’s candidates for cancelled contracts such as Denise, Dot, Johnny, Honey, Louise, Bex, Shakil, Kush, and his muvver Bonnie Langford all survived.

Produced by Lady Antebellum's Dave Haywood (no stranger in the art of blended voices), gorgeous three-part harmonies are the foundation of a sound that feels planted in rich, down-home soil, but polished enough for pop-country fans.

Martin Fowler made it, even though he’d spent most of Tuesday wedged under the bus, telling Stacey ‘I luff you’ and still whinging about plans to move the market.

He prevailed even though Albert Square’s inhabitants had taken it upon themselves to lift the bus up and down on top of him (several times) rather than wait for the Fire Brigade or the paramedics.

’ Martin checked, suggesting he always was destined to be selling fruit and veg rather than have a career in medicine.

When he was fine, Stacey was so happy she told him: ‘I want another bay-bay. I want to know that I’ll always have a little part of you.

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