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You needed Paramount [Pictures], and you had to get Zach to approve it and you had to get J. So if you’re game, and you let us use it, we will begin the process of him coming to grips with Zachary Quinto as Spock.” And we got a message back immediately from Zach and J.

Doing a junket in Australia one day and finding yourself at another junket in London the next can't be easy on the constitution, which explains why actor Zachary Quinto was clutching a can of Red Bull when we sat down with he and co-stars Sofia Boutella and Chris Pine a few days ago. The other is less tolerant and more judgemental and more fear-driven and fear-based.

He talks about modern masculinity in film, playing gay men and he talks a lot about books and how he uses his BA in English from UC Berkeley. I found it really confining.” He spent a year at the University of Leeds in England, started cheating on books with plays, hanging out with theater kids, and then hitting the stage himself.

Masculinity in film: “I think there is a growing homogenization of what masculinity means.” Heroes in today’s films all look the same, Pine argues, ticking off a list: “Bare chested. Kenneth Branagh says Chris is like Paul Newman: “It goes back to someone like Paul Newman.

The two walked hand in hand down the street; Zachary held onto a coffee, while Miles tugged the leashes of their two adorable pups.

While outings for the couple are pretty few and far between — they melted our heart last Summer with a similarly sweet outing — they're still one of our favorite famous gay couples in the Hollywood limelight.

And as the persnickety geek will do, he was In order to use that prop, which is a cardboard cutout of Spock [as seen] in the new movie series, you needed three approvals. ” So we called Zachary’s agent, we called Paramount, and we call J. I [told them], “We need to, at some point, let Sheldon begin accepting there is a new Spock in the world, and we’re going to have him start by not liking it at all. ‘s 5.2 in primetime’s opening half hour — Prady said, “The job is about going to work and making a really good TV show…. It’s a little ‘Detroit Tigers-in-the-World Series,’ you know?The character actor in the leading man’s body — Chris has that.” His first big gig in The Princess Diaries 2: “One reviewer said, ‘He’s a Rob Lowe lookalike with the charisma of a David Hasselhoff.’ I’ll take the Rob Lowe lookalike, that’s fine.But I remember the charisma part really f–king well.Mc Millan opted for a black-and-white houndstooth jacket with black trousers and a red turtleneck, and Quinto chose a deep purple tweed suit with a black turtleneck.(In one fell swoop, both of them nailed the important fall knitwear trend that's taking over guys' closets everywhere, but that's another post for another time.)So while they're not exactly in boyfriend twin territory, they are wearing outfits that are decidedly complementary.

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